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Oda Toyotomi Tokugawa

$9,450.00 (USD)


My desire to create the pieces I present to you are a culmination of my life's work, designing and visualizing my subject and then moving forward to create the visualization.

The materials I use for my inlay are carefully selected and cut Australian gem black opal from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales Australia where you will find the rare black opal, only found at this unique field.  Also featured in this work is 24 carat gold leaf.  The Emblems are 38mm round.

The inspiration to achieve the pieces I present to you eventuated after I read Taiko, an epic novel of war and glory in feudal Japan.  The struggle and ultimate triumph of charismatic but brutal, Nobunaga, the cold deliberate, Leyasu and Hideyoshi who rose from his post of sandal bearer to become Taiko, absolute ruler of Japan in the Emperors name.

I present my art to you in honor of the warriors to whom their deeds helped forge the future of Japan as it is today and will be remembered for generations to come.

All of Jenadors works of art and jewellery pieces are created in her studio in Australia.

Jenador exhibits her art Internationally, her works are the only known creations of this nature in the world and are investment, collector pieces sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Oda, Toyotomi and Tokugawa is presented, recessed into the frame and ready for installation either on a wall or perhaps a bench top.


Jenador includes registered and trackable shipping for all of her works of art and jewellery pieces, worldwide.  If your piece is a gift, please advise and it can also be gift wrapped for you.