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White Peacock

$9,760.00 (USD)


Indian Peacock or peafowl - the national bird of India - is one of the most beautiful indigenous birds of India.  Indian peacock is known for beautiful feathers and romantic dance under the black-clouded sky.  Owing to its national importance and religious sanctity, peacock can be found abundantly in each part of India.  Indian peacock is also regarded as the vehicle of Shanmukha son of Lord Shiva. Their depiction in the work of art and literature has been of great value.

White Peacock was created in two weeks.


Jenador includes registered and trackable shipping for all of her works of art and jewellery pieces, worldwide.  If your piece is a gift, please advise and it can also be gift wrapped for you.

White Peacock measures 320mm x 20mm x 240mm (framed)

There are 1,630 pieces of opal = 12.5 carats used in the creation of White Peacock.

The design of an image is etched into 4mm thick white glass.  The etching is inlayed with Lightning Ridge, gem quality black opal that has been selected and cut for its brilliance and lustre.  The finished piece is then framed and when mounted on a wall or perhaps a bench top with lighting directed on it, the image comes to life!  A truly beautiful spectacular masterpiece.

All of Jenadors works of art and jewellery pieces are created in her studio in Australia.

Jenador exhibits her art Internationally, her works are the only known creations of this nature in the world and are investment, collector pieces sold with a certificate of authenticity.