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$4,821.00 (USD)


The Koala’s eyes are small and its eyesight is generally poor, so it relies on its keen senses of smell and hearing to help it survive in the bush.  A Koala’s nose is large and covered with black leathery skin and is sensitive to all the smells of the bush.  This is important so that it can sniff the gum leaves to decide which ones it likes and which ones are safe to eat, to smell the scent warnings put on trees by other Koala’s and to sense danger.

Jenadors Koala's is part of a collection of twelve Australiana Wildlife designs.  The Koala's is limited to 25 pieces.

There are 492 pieces of opal = 4.35 carats.

This piece measures 150mm x 150mm (unframed) Can be framed on request at an additional charge.

Koala's was created in four days.


Jenador includes registered and trackable shipping for all of her works of art and jewellery pieces, worldwide.  If your piece is a gift, please advise and it can also be gift wrapped for you.

The design of an image is etched into 4mm thick black glass.  The etching is embedded with Lightning Ridge, gem quality black opal that has been selected and cut for its brilliance and lustre.  The finished piece is then framed and when mounted on a wall or perhaps a bench top with lighting directed on it, the image comes to life!  A truly beautiful spectacular masterpiece.

All of Jenadors works of art and jewellery pieces are created in her studio in Australia.

Jenador exhibits her art Internationally, her works are the only known creations of this nature in the world and are investment, collector pieces sold with a certificate of authenticity and beautifully presented in a Jenador, satin lined, black leatherette box .